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Acellus – A Learning System Like No Other
Learning is a Science
The basic premise of Acellus is to turn the learning process into a science, and by so doing, improve the overall effectiveness of the learning process. Improved test results show that Acellus accomplishes the challenge of helping teachers be more effective.
Acellus Raises Test Scores Faster Than Other Methods
Studies show that students using computerized video-based instruction progressed up to 250% faster, with better retention, than students taught by traditional methods alone. 77% of all students using computerized video-based learning method improved their academic results.
Integrating video lectures prepared by some of the best educators in America into an interactive environment, Acellus supplements the classroom experience by providing a tool to help students master difficult subjects. Acellus is ideal for students who struggle to understand concepts as well as for those who excel. By adapting the presentation of information in ways that overcome most learning barriers, Acellus is able to fill in gaps so that students may advance with confidence. Acellus uses constant feedback to adjust the curriculum to the needs of each individual.
The Acellus Educational Server delivers content to the computers in the school over the local area network. Student data is gathered daily and transmitted to the Acellus Master Server located at the International Academy of Science. This data is used to create statistical reports of student responses. Problems and potential difficulties are analyzed and course content is updated. The updated and enhanced content material is delivered to Acellus Servers across the Nation via the Internet on a daily basis.
The Acellus Server ships preloaded with Acellus courses. As new Acellus courses are developed, they will be added to the Acellus Course Library and will be available for download to the Acellus Server.
Teaching Tool
Acellus is designed to help teachers be more effective by:
  • Presenting high-quality video lectures to students
  • Identifying specific areas of student difficulty
  • Providing an alternative learning path to optimize each student’s learning experience
  • Monitoring and reporting student progress
  • Capturing student data so that the overall effectiveness of the Acellus course can be assessed
  • Freeing teachers to spend more one-on-one time with students requiring special attention
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